EMOTO is Israel’s EV Superstore. 

EMOTO is the preferred distributor of road legal electric vehicles for today’s leading independent manufacturers.  No longer just a distributor of electric motorcycles, scooters and competition vehicles, EMOTO has recently expanded its vehicle offering in Israel to include light electric utility vehicles and quadricycles and EMOTO will be launching passenger cars in early 2020. Visit EMOTO to find an electric vehicle that’s right for you.

EWay Group

EMOTO is affiliated with the EWay Group, a leader in the field of electric vehicles, with distribution, retail sales and service locations in the EU, Russia and the Middle East.  EMOTO is active in the design and development activities of EWay Engineering, whose principals have been instrumental in the growth of several leading electric vehicle companies, including Tesla and Zero Motorcycles. EWay’s reputation for excellence has been called upon by international agencies and regulatory authorities to provide expert analysis and consultation in the evaluation of electric vehicle design, critical systems capabilities and compliance. In conjunction with EWay, EMOTO works tirelessly to assure the safety of the electric vehicles we offer our customers.

Unparalleled Expertise and Connections

EMOTO has unparalleled expertise and insight into the electric vehicle market, working closely with a broad array of electric vehicle manufacturers. EMOTO remains the No.1 sales and service center for Zero Motorcycles and was honored to be selected in 2018 as the first sales point outside of the United States by both GenZe-Mahindra and Alta Motors.  EMOTO will soon be announcing several new “firsts” as cutting-edge manufacturers, appreciative of our technical expertise, are keen to submit their vehicles for our review and the demanding use of Israeli consumers.

Support for Education

EMOTO actively supports numerous educational programs in their efforts to integrate electric vehicle design into their technical curriculum.  EMOTO has worked with Afeka College, the Technion, Holon Institute of Technology and students at Ben-Gurion University and Ariel University, as well as an untold number of EV hobbyist.

Work with Government and Industry

EMOTO has assisted local industry and government in understanding the electric vehicle market, current and future electric vehicle technologies and the opportunity to integrate electric vehicles into their activities. EMOTO personnel have consulted with IAI, the IDF, Israel Police, the National Fire Authority, MDA, the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and numerous foreign companies.  EMOTO was even central to the purchase of 20 electric motorcycles by the Jordanian Royal Palace.