Why Electric?
The real question is why fuel?

Expensive treatments, oils, fluids, hot exhaust, noise, filters and more – is it not time to move on?

Advantages of ownership

Amazing performance, no worries
There are some obvious advantages to switching to electric: no more gas stations, no oil, no exhaust and there are countless advantages in electric riding. Crazy torque, acceleration that leaves everyone behind and all that quietly to let you hear the wind, the birds and the fast pulse.

Significant cost savings
Long-term evidence
Think Zero’s premium motorcycles are expensive? Think again. When looking at the huge savings in current expenses, tax benefits in Israel and reduced insurance costs, the overall expense can be expressed in savings of tens of thousands of shekels per rider. Not only is cycling more enjoyable – every mile ridden on the Zero is significantly cheaper. The power transmission system does not require regular maintenance and of course no fuel costs. It turns out, compared to other premium brands, Zero is starting to save its owners on fuel and maintenance from day one. Many Zero motorcycle owners have saved more than they would have had if they had bought a competitor of the same rank.